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Linda Remsberg

Group Chair Vistage International
High Adventure Development

Linda is a successful business leader with extensive experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, and business owner. She is especially suited to help others in overcoming major business obstacles, including new regulatory challenges, and to leading innovation that is successfully launched and generating revenue in a short amount of time.

Her career includes founding a start-up company where she led the development of three generations of technology that were installed in over 400 companies and a technology company in the payment processing industry to become a national organization with over 200 thousand customers operating in all 50 states.  She has a successful track record of growing businesses with deep expertise in business development, product development, and sales.

Linda leads through strong vision and values, collaborative teamwork and commitment. She has successfully accomplished projects including converting an enterprise wide software from legacy to state of the art technology, working with state regulators to achieve a rigorous non-standard licensing stature in all 50 states, meeting with over 30 Attorneys Generals to educate them on her business model, and leading a strong executive team to transparently be responsible for financial results. Linda built a loyal work force through integrity, motivation and hard work. She loves people and businesses that help people become all they can be.

In 2014, Linda was recruited by Vistage to serve as a Vistage Chair in the South Sound Region, working with business leaders in the area who are high achieving, thoughtful and interested in further developing their leadership skills and thereby growing their organization. In 2018 she expanded her practice to include the Spokane Area.


"I love business and I love working with leaders. In any community it is the leaders that drive significant positive change, and significant positive change only requires one empowered leader. After a successful career of starting, running and growing businesses in Tacoma, it is now an honor to be working with a wide variety of businesses throughout the South Sound and Spokane regions. Nothing is more exciting and rewarding to me than getting to know an individual and the business they lead, helping them unlock their potential and desires. As a Vistage Chair I am able to meld together my belief in the vital need for vigorous business in the development of a community, and my love for leader people."

Linda is passionate about the South Sound community and in addition to investing in business executives, she serves on the Board of Directors of Tacoma Area Youth for Christ and as a discussion leader for Bible Study Fellowship.