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According to the most recent Vistage CEO Confidence Index, “Sixty-two percent of firms reported that they were struggling to find and hire the workers that they needed, while one-in-five firms said that finding, hiring, training and retaining management talent was their top challenge.”
From the conversations I am regularly having with CEOs throughout the South Sound, I know that this pressure is real.  Frankly I can’t quit thinking about it, so here are some thoughts that I would encourage each employer to ask themselves.
How much have I increased wages over the past 3 to 5 years in each category of worker? Have I kept up with the market?

Do I have a systematic increase in place for wages, performance reviews and opportunity for each employee to grow, that they can count on if they perform? What has been my exit rate in the last 18 months by category? 

A 3% increase for a $15 an hour employee = $0.45 an hr. What is going to cause that employee to stay with me …

Your Organization Wastes Time. Here's How to Fix It.

Unproductive routines, corporate bureaucracy, and "adminstrivia" kill ambition and sap energy for far too many employees.  I encourage you to take a few minutes this week to read through this article and think about how you can apply its lessons to your organization.

Your Organization Wastes Time. Here's How to Fix It.

Let us know what you think.

New Vistage Group for Chief Executives in the South Sound

We are pleased to announce that Chair, Linda Remsberg launched a new Vistage Group, CE 4927, in Tacoma, Washington on December 8, 2016. A few words from Linda Remsberg about the group build “I am so excited to be launching my 4th group and 2nd CE group in the South Sound area of Washington State. This is my home and I can’t express what it means to participate with Vistage in working with Executives in my home community to get better and better, month by month.  It starts with me getting better each day and all I learn as a Chair at Vistage helps me do that. Now onward to grow each group and endeavor for the members to have the best peer advisory experience possible.  Thank you to everyone at Vistage for your support.”
Special message from Regional Executive, Tim Call “Congratulations to Linda Remsberg on the launch of her CE group. Linda has been carefully planning for this new CE group for a few months and has done an incredible job of juggling the interaction with the founding members …