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Join us for an exclusive private advisory board gathering

Join the CEOs, exectuves and business owners of CE 4482 as a special guest at their November group meeting.  At this event you will get an inside peek at the South Sound's first private advisory board for CEs and hear from guest speaker Eric Coryell.  Speaker: Eric Coryell
Creating and Leading Accountable Teams
Conventional wisdom says that teams outperform a group of individuals.  Reality, however, has proven that this is only the case if the team is functional and accountable.
Prior to starting up his own firm in 2007, Eric Coryell was hired on as president to accelerate the growth of Diamond Cut, a start-up company in Mequon, WI.  He played various roles in helping HUI transform itself into a highly successful team-based custom metal fabricator, and he was president of EWC, a manufacturer of medical interconnect systems headquartered in Pewaukee, WI.  He now dedicates his time to helping organizations engage their employees through strategic alignment, leadership development and …
The Vistage South Sound CE group is pleased to welcome Barry MacKechnie as our guest speaker for our April meeting.  Barry is very highly rated Vistage speaker who leaves attendees with a blueprint for getting their organization to achieve its strategic goals and with clearly defined steps to align 100% or their company’s effort to achieving these goals. 
This three-hour workshop takes the CEO through Barry MacKechnie's blueprint process for creating an "aligned company." A strategically aligned company is one that has 100 percent of its employees working on deliverables that when successfully completed will contribute to the company reaching and exceeding its strategic goals. This highly interactive workshop demonstrates to CEOs how they can lead their executive team through the process of creating their own strategically aligned company. Barry augments discussions with information drawn from the actual results from more than 300 clients in order to demonstrate the powe…
As CEO and then owner, of my company I wondered where I could find others that would help me grow my company successfully without the hidden agenda of salaries, job security, fees, etc.  Twice I had associates tell me of Vistage and in 2008 I became a member.  I still am.  Vistage membership has provided a place to process difficult decisions and to continually learn with other CEOs who have no other agenda than to support me and help me be successful.  

In January I launched the first South Sound Peer Advisory Group for Vistage International with 7 other leading CEOs.  If you are interested in learning me, I would like to meet with you for 30 minutes to introduce myself and tell you more about how Vistage can benefit you and your company.